Photography Tuesdays

Meditations on the glory of God as exposed in his creation.


On the way in from work this evening I got enamored with the reflections off the back of my daughter’s black Jetta. Here are the results for your enjoyment. Jetta Tail light Reflections Looking Along the Door Handle Quarterpanel House Reflections

Remembering That I Enjoy Photography

Last weekend I spent some time doing photography. Saturday three of us went out to do some railroad related shots. Sunday, my wife and caught my first train. Monday, I found out I can actually capture butterflies and bumble bees. For your enjoyment… All photography copyright 2007, William Meisheid. Thomas Viaduct 1835 Ilchester train tunnel…

Photography Tuesdays: Death Valley

The name of this part of California conjures up images of skeleton’s half-buried in the sand, desolation and severe water deprivation, along with an unrelenting and searing heat, all encapsulated in a completely inhospitable locale. You have a feeling there should be a sign posted near the entrance to the valley, “Abandon hope all ye…