Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

They say that everyone is Irish, at least in their hearts, on Saint Patricks Day. I am one quarter Irish, through my maternal grandmother, May. I never met her, but the last thing my grandfather ever said as he was dying was her name. He loved her till the day he died. You have to…

Undercurrent Of Prophetic Expectation?

Is there an undercurrent of prophetic expectation out there awaiting an imminent move of God, a new awakening, a world-wide awakening? I have been hearing rumors, soft expectations, and now open discussions of the possibility. Is anyone else hearing anything out there in blog/cyberland? Does anyone else sense something on the horizon?

The Church In America The World

It is argued that in the West we now live in a post-Christian age (e.g. see here, here, and here) I accept that as true if you consider post-Christian as the loss of Christian centrality in a once Christian culture (Western Civilization has been considered fundamentally Christian), even though other cultures still see the West…