God’s Serendipity

In trying to find out what happened to Tolleblogge (if anyone knows please let me know) I stumbled across a website in India, Joy of Blogging (Born Again India), by Joy Doddigarla. Joy Doddigarla, Christian in IndiaHe appears to be going through a difficult time and was asking for prayer. Having arrived serendipitously I was surprised at the strong urge I suddenly had to pray for him, and as it did not go away I attributed that desire to the Holy Spirit. I left him a prayer in the comments. Joy didn’t say what he needed prayer for, but I felt a strong desire to pray for the guarding of his heart and mind against an assault on the knowledge of his salvation. I do not know him, other than that he is my brother in Christ and it appears God has laid a burden on my heart for the current trial he is going through. I have copied the picture from his site so you can see who he is. I find it easier pray for people who I have a mental image of.

While I have come from a Charismatic background, I don’t often get these “leadings” but the few times when they have happened they were/are very strong. So, following along with what is still happening to me, I believe I am supposed to ask whomever God leads to this post to also pray earnestly for Joy. If you don’t trust these kind of “spiritual leadings” that’s OK, just trust that a child of God has sent out a call for help and God is answering that call through his Church and you have a chance to be part of it and pray for him. What I would like to see happen is a blogstorm of prayer, a tsunami of intercession go out in his behalf. Please pray for Joy and if God allows add a request for prayer to your site also. I pray that our prayers multiply and that they ascend to the Throne of Grace in intercession for this saint of God in his time of trial.

I know this is a special request and if things like this happened all the time the Christian blogosphere would be overwhelmed by it, but I am trying to be true to the pounding in my heart and the open door of intercession in front of me. I ask you, if God permits, for you to join in.

Grace and peace be to you this day.

Update 5/3/05: Joy’s blog has been down for several days with a database error. The blog, Joy of Blogging, is actually part of his larger site, Born Again India. You can read his testimony here. Prayer continues.

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