Lent 06: Day 16

It has been a long week. Work has been an intense continuing effort and my Lenten efforts are meeting with my ongoing weaknesses. I fully understand Paul’s lament in Roman’s chapter seven where he separates his will to do the good from his flesh that falls to weakness.

I am also beginning to feel the effects of this being a solitary effort on my part, despite those of you who are sharing the journey and contributing with your comments. There is no one physically at my back, so to speak. I cannot turn to anyone and I am feeling the lack. That said, let me say again how much I appreciate the support of those who are participating with me in this discipline.

When I started this effort, I didn’t realized how much being alone might matter. It didn’t seem to matter last year during my Lenten meditations, but then I wasn’t stretching myself anywhere near the way I am this time. For the first time, I have come to realize how much I miss having a partner, another man, or even a few men, to physically share this journey. And you need to know that this insight is not just for Lent, but in my life in general. For the last year I have not had anyone to regularly interact with in a disciplined spiritual way. I can honestly say, I didn’t realize how significant that was until this moment.

So, I believe that one important result of this Lenten effort will be for me to find someone to walk with. My prayer today is that God will help me to find that person (or persons). If you are alone or lacking a close spiritual partner, my prayer is that by the grace of God you will find someone; a man for you men, and a woman for you women. That is my prayer today and may God in his compassion grant that to each of us who is in need.

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