Taking My Wife Shooting Tonight

My wife and I are going shooting tonight with our daughter and some friends. It is good to keep up your feel for your weapon, and be gun safe, so I like my wife to shoot our .40 cal Beretta every so often so she will remember what to do if she ever has to do it.

.40 Cal Beretta

A Secret Service agent tried to teach my wife to shoot with his Glock, but it was too light for her. She does much better with the heft of our 96 Centurian. She went from barely getting something in the target at 15 feet to getting all of them in the torso when I tried helping her with the Beretta. Sometimes all you need is a little weight. She is a natural.

If you are going to own a gun, you should practice with it enough that you can safely bring it to bear if that is ever necessary. There is more to shooting than just hitting the target, but you have to be able to do that. Skills should be kept up for everyone’s safety, especially those innocent bystanders.

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