I love passion. It keeps life and work from sinking into numbing boredom.

I hate passion. It makes the simple complex and creates division where none should exist.

The current state of politics and political discourse in our country seems to have given itself over to an unremitting passion. Whether honest or dishonest, passion seems to rule the day and its fire is hardening hearts on all sides of the issues. This is not just run-of-the-mill passion, but a passion that consumes, not just innervates; a passion that if not fanatical is teetering on the edge of the extreme, dipping its toe in the dangerous.

I guess the question is how to disagree without demonizing. For the Christian there is not an option when confronting this issue. No matter how bad we consider those we disagree with to be, no matter what they may have done, we cannot hate them, or treat them without respect. They are afterall, as the Saint Matthew reminds us, someone we are called to love, even if they are our enemies. In addition, we are to do good to those who persecute us. This is not optional, but fundamental.

So, if you are a Christian then try and sanctify your passions and if you are not, at least remind those who are Christians of their duty to their Lord and what he requires of them. Someone needs to lead the way in this.