Mainstreaming Al Sharpton

In a turn that demonstrates the current state of politics in America, Senator Kerry is campaigning with Al Sharpton. Here is the Senator’s take on the reason.

“Al Sharpton is traveling with me today because he’s a friend, because he proved during the course of this presidential race that he has a great understanding of what’s happening in the country and a great ability to communicate it to Americans,” Kerry said.

“And he’s going to campaign with me from now until Election Day, as are other individuals who were candidates in the course of the presidential race and other surrogates across the country. And I’m proud to have him with me here today,” he said.

As much as that says about Kerry and what he will do to secure the presidency, it is more revealing about the current perceptions of the Tawana Brawley, Steven Pagones, Freddy’s Fashion Mart, race-baiting man. It appears that those things are not brought up any more. It is not because “Reverend” Al has recanted or apologized for any of those black, possibly criminal, spots on his character. Instead it appears that there is a collective functional amnesia concerning their distressing significance. In addition, when Kerry says that Sharpton has “a great ability to communicate it [what’s happening in America] to Americans” he really means Black Americans. The prevailing wisdom is that Sharpton is very popular in the Black community. I hope that is another example of displaced prevailing wisdom, because if it is not, well it sort of speaks for itself.

This is going to be one interesting campaign leading up to November. Maybe I’ll buy myself a set of those noise canceling headphones.

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