Strange and Stranger Still Redux

Back on June 24, I published a little item called Strange and Stranger Still about Amazon’s Listmania and its second-most popular list, The Top 25 Weirdest Items You Can Purchase Through Amazon! by Sheila Chilcote-Collins, who calls herself an “Ardent Seeker Of Oddities”. As of the original publication date her list had been read 64,465 times. As of today the number is 74,610, and increase of 10,145 or over 900 new sets of eyeballs a day since my original posting.

Sheila has emailed me a thanks for profiling her Listmania selection and to inform me that she has a new list, Even More Weird Items You Can Purchase Through Amazon. Actually Sheila appears to be a listaholic, since she has 55 separate lists on Listmania. Her latest list includes things like a one pound bag of Clear Jel (absolute necessity for the person who has everything) and the Surf Frogs: Live Frog Habitat, a perfect companion for your Extreme Ant Farm profiled in my last posting.

I continue to be surprised by this thing we call the Internet. It is slowly becoming the working definition of serendipity.