Small Things

Most relationships in life are sustained by small things. While we often focus on the big things, the grandiose statements of significant caring, it is the little acts of kindness and self giving that build the foundation and solidify the structure of our personal relationships.

Therefore, when separations occur in our relationships, for whatever reason, distancing us from those we care for, it is not the big things that we really miss no matter what we tell ourselves. Instead, what we really notice is the growing absence of the myriad of minor graces that used to enrich our day-to-day existence. The old aphorism that absence makes the heart grow fonder is probably related to that ache which accompanies this hole in the fabric of our life. The loss of those little graces that we had come to take for granted hurts, deeper than we often admit.

My wife is something of an introvert and tends not to do the big things. She is, however, a fount of little niceties, a purveyor of small pleasures. I often fail to notice her modest contributions as readily as I should, but their absence comes into sharp focus when she is not there. And it is not just my wife, there are many people in our life whose small, but steady, contributions make our joy of living all the richer for their presence.

I want to suggest that you take a moment to think on these little blessings and find a way to express your appreciation to those who provide them and to God, before they are lost to you. Scripture reminds us that to whom much is given, much is expected and believe it or not, much more than we normally notice has been given to us all. Think about it.

2 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. Great post. I really appreciate your encouragement. I’m not a small things person, but I really should be. Thanks to a lot of small things done by my dad, a broken relationship was mended again. It took years, but I feel like we’re pretty close now, and it’s thanks to my dad and his small things.

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