Art And Dealing With Loss

One of the bloggers in the Christian Carnival (King of Fools) submitted a post about how after the death of a family pet, his youngest daughter gave everyone a drawing of their dog as a present to make them feel better. He entitled it Art Therapy.

His post brought to mind how my wife and I dealt with the death of her beloved cat “Cappie” with whom she had shared nineteen years. Anna Marie was out of town when Cappie died, so my daughter and I waited until my wife returned home to tell her. However, before she arrived I created a nice wooden box and put Cappie inside and sealed it. When my wife returned home we told her about Cappie’s death and after she got over the intitial shock of the loss, I suggested that she decorate the box before we buried Cappie. We agreed it was a way for her to personalize her cat’s resting place as well as a way for Anna Marie to express her love for her cat one more time, especially since she did not have the opportunity before Cappie died. After she decorated the box ,we buried Cappie in the front yard, where she remains to this day. Below is a photo of Cappie’s beautifully decorated final abode. As you can see, my wife poured her heart into her final goodbye.

My wife's cat Cappie's burial box

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