Another Bergerism

This paraody on Sandy Berger’s pilfering of the Millenium After action Reports from National Archives is a hoot. Things like this are why I love the Blogdom. Reproduced here in full from Barking Moonbat Early Warning System. Read and enjoy and if so inclined visit the Moonbat.

Berger Returns U.S. Constitution to Archives

(2004-07-24) — Former Clinton national security advisor Samuel R. “Sandy”Berger today returned the orginal of the U.S. Constitution to the National Archives.

“It was an honest mistake,” said Mr. Berger, who until this morning was an advisor to Democrat presidential hopeful John Forbes Kerry. “I accidentally wrapped the Constitution around my left leg and mistakenly secured it with rubber bands.”

A spokesman for the National Archives said he was pleased to have the Constitution back. “Until Mr. Berger returned it,” said the source, “our prime suspects were all in the federal judiciary.”

Those begin/endparody containers are so no one accidently thinks this is a real news story, not that any of the extremely intelligent people who frequent this space would ever do such a thing. Enjoy your weekend.