It is axiomatic in design that form follows function. While there may be differences between two designs, sometimes aesthetic and sometimes due to a unique approach, the form still demonstrates its suitability to its function. The human body exhibits this basic principal throughout: hands grasp, teeth chew, eyes see, ears hear, feet walk, and so forth. It is only in the area of human sexuality that people attempt to deviate from this universal concept of the teleology of design.

It is obvious, at least to me, that those following “alternate lifestyles” are breaking these basic rules and are deviating from normality, breaking the form/function relationship, and despite their protestations are not following a naturally alternate way of being. All arguments for same sex relationships have to deal with this basic fact of design. However, they don’t, they avoid the issue, since it reminds them of their attempts to square the circle. It never ceases to amaze me how our fallen human natures will cling so tenaciously to anything, anything at all except the obvious truth. In the end, their only justification is “because I want to.” Yes, you can use a wrench to drive a nail, if you want to, but it is obvious that you using the wrong tool in the wrong way, and either the nail or wrench could be damaged.

The essence of repentance requires admitting you are wrong and maybe that’s it, they are just not willing to be wrong, especially after they have made such a fundamental choice to deviate their lives at such an elemental level. What else can explain the self-serving and fatuous arguments glibly avoiding the elephant in the corner, in a failed attempt to extricate the blood of normality from the stone of deviancy. For Christians, the additional fact that Eve was created from Adam to explicitly complete an essential part of the human equation, while also foreshadowing the relationship between Christ and the Church, brings the form/function argument beyond physical and human and into the spiritual sphere.

So, at least from my perspective and on some deep level, sexual deviancy is really an attack on God as our creator and designer as well as a fundamental corruption of the foreshadowing of our eternal relationship with Christ.