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Sometimes God just puts you in the right place at the right time so He can have His say. God did just that for a mother in Arizona earlier this week. As Maura was walking down the hallway of the motel she and husband were in, carrying her five month old baby girl, Philomena, she noticed a lot of commotion. Maura found out that John Kerry was staying there and by God’s grace she had the following conversation with him as he passed by on the way to breakfast.

Kerry came down the stairs and walked pass Maura. As Kerry was getting ready to go out the door, Maura called to him and said, “Senator may I ask you a question?” Kerry came back to her, touched the baby, smiled and asked what Maura wanted.
Very politely she asked, “Senator, do you think that if she (the baby) was inconvenient for me that I should be able to kill her?”

“No, this is a beautiful baby.” Then he realized she was talking about abortion.

He quickly added: “I am not for abortion. I believe life begins at conception. I am pro-choice.” As he was talking he pointed a finger in her face for emphasis.

“Do you think I should have had the right to choose to kill her?” Maura asked.

Kerry said he was against abortion after the second trimester. [But he voted against the partial-birth abortion ban.]

Raising Philomena over her head and away from the finger, Maura said: “Look at her face, Senator and the next time you vote on abortion, think of her face.” With that the aides whisked Kerry away.

When his car was pulling away, he looked at Maura and waved. She pointed to the baby’s face.

Her husband, who tells the story said that at first his wife was not going to say anything, but then she prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to help her. Afterwards she prayed for humility and only told her husband what had happened. We never know when God will use us, but a prepared heart is always ready to be at His service.

My prayer is for every Christian to be as bold as Maura and as willing to answer the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Well done Maura, well done.
Hat tip to Domenico Bettinelli

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  1. Thank you for the compliment. Yes, it is an interesting story. It helps that the source, Domenico Bettinelli, knows the couple involved. Would that all Christians took such oportunities to speak their heart to the “powers that be”. Also, let me give you a hearty thanks you for adding me to your blogroll.

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