Rimdim #1 “Reno”

Reno, the comedic politico, is a self-describe 46-year-old Latina lesbian with radical political leanings. She said the following Rimdim while discussing John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban captured in Afghanistan and serving 20 years in federal prison, in a recent Salon interview:

It’s a real chiller, the way they treated that kid. Think of all the 22-year-old kids in the country, dreaming of the time they can travel across the world … it’s going to have a negative effect.

Let’s hope so, since the moral relativism of our age can’t seem to separate those “kids” who go to terrorist training camps from those spending the summer at Montmartre and visiting Picasso’s studio, van Gogh’s apartment, or the hangouts of famous poets and authors.

Alas, alas. What have we wrought upon the house and its inhabitants, this land, this once noble abode?