Islamic Reformation Beginning?

Ever on the outlook for developments within Islam that mitigate or accelerate the current rush to Armageddon, I found an article in New Statesman (paid subscription required) that investigates the growing movement towards reformation of Islamic law. These changes, which are just beginning, have produced corresponding changes in public policy as well as Islamic society and religious observance in several countries.

While I find the developments significant, I foresee this growing tsunami of change within Islam troubling, especially with how quickly the metamorphosis is moving. People and societies cannot adjust that fast, no matter how much we agree with the change. I believe this sudden (speaking sociologically) shift away from long established traditions (no matter how problematic those traditions are) will set off a vicious civil war within Islam in which the radical followers of sharia will turn their terrorism against their reformation-minded fellow Muslims, while also continuing their assault on the West. If that happens, and I see nothing at the moment to stop its momentum, the whole world will be engulfed in the violence, since all Muslims everywhere will be caught up on one side or the other of the conflict. This would be a true world war, the likes of which we have never seen. We do indeed live in interesting and dangerous times.

Have mercy, dear Lord, have mercy.

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