Waiting Out The Storm

Even though I planned my Florida trip in August I didn’t expect to be in the path of a hurrican since three hurricanes had already had an impact on the sunshine state. Four? Well as I sit in my brother’s house in New Smyrna Beach, about twenty five miles south of Daytona, they are once again preparing for a storm. It is getting old around here. Almost everyone you talk to is hurricaned out. My father, who lives in South Daytona, didn’t even take down the plywood from his windows after Frances, which turned out to be a good thing. I will be leaving in few hours to spend the storm with my Dad, who is 81, so we can share a sort of late life adventure between father and son.

Fortunately for my family the storm track has turned somewhat inland, though that is not fortunate for those residing there. If the storm follows its currently projected track over Orlando it will probably mean I won’t be leaving on Monday morning as expected.

Ah, the power just went out. We are on battery backup so I can finish this posting. It’s a little early, but that’s how it goes. Remember us in your prayers. I will be back on as soon as a can.

Grace and peace.