Nexus Points Between Life And Death

In the years leading up to World Word II, France was a country facing a nexus point in her history. She had a serious problem and her crucial issue was for her people to see that internecine political concerns that so encompassed their thinking were ultimately insignificant compared to the growing threat of Nazi Germany. France had to choose and it chose internal squabbling. This suicidal illusion was blasted apart in a few short months when, in mid 1940, France went from fractured and divided over internal squabbles to being united under German occupation, while all dissent was crushed. France’s people chose poorly and were it not for the resolute Britons and the inexhaustible efforts of the United States; it may well have ceased to exist.

We Americans face a similar nexus point at this point in our history, but we do not have France’s luxury. If we fail to choose correctly, there is no one to rescue us, no one to fall back on as France eventually fell back on England and the United States. Yes, I suggest to you that the stakes are that high. Before you dismiss my concerns, I ask that you read the recent spate of articles at the Belmont Club, especially the Sunday edition, as well as the comments section, where some insightful commentary has add much to the debate. For those of you who may currently support Kerry, I say this advisedly, but sincerely. I fear that this may be the last freely conducted election that you ever vote in, because the country we now know may cease to exist in next four years. If that does not happen I think it will be a miracle, but I hold little hope of its occurence. For those of you who may think my concerns are extreme, I think you are like the French liberals in the late 1930’s who thought similar things, only to wake up that summer in 1940 with their world forever shattered.

I need you to understand that I do not support demonizing opponents, and I do not see Kerry as the devil or evil incarnate as all too many on the left see Bush. That is absurd and suicidal thinking. I simply think he is a fool, a very dangerous and self-serving fool. I also think the current Democratic leadership that is using partisan political posturing to run us headlong into jaws of death and ruin are also fools. I pray that I am wrong and I will be very happy to be so, but I fear I am not. I do not believe all Republicans or conservatives are right, many are not. However, this is a nexus point moment in our history and it doesn’t hinge on the money we spend on social programs in the United States or any other mundane internal concern, no matter how important those are to some people.

They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned. I pray that I am able to look back 5-10 years from now and not have to say that the liberals and Democrats fiddled while the United States burned to the ground and that the Ring, Ring that Matt Wrechard talks about is not the ring of a video enabled cell phone anouncing the end of the United States as we know it to some Islamic extremist somewhere else in the world.

Grace and peace and wisdom to us all. We need it.

Update 4/28/05: See also this newer posting on nexus points – Reminiscing the Past: Nexus Points.