Rimshots #6 “Freedom”

The freedom of the subjective person to do as he pleases is overruled by the freedom of the responsible person to do as he must. – Michael Polanyi (HT Prosthesis)

4 thoughts on “Rimshots #6 “Freedom”

  1. Thanks for stopping by Beyond Words. I’m glad to find you. I will be stopping by Beyond the Rim from now on!

    About your rimshot today: When the subjective person becomes subject to God in Christ (“lays down his/her life”), he or she becomes the responsible person doing what he or she must, not out of a sense duty or burden, but from thankfulness and joy. That is freedom!

  2. Welcome to my little corner of the blogoverse. It is readers who keep me on my toes trying to write the best I can at the moment.

    I agree, one thing that happens as our conversion moves us from sin to sanctification is that we go (hopefully) from a subjective to responsible person and I thank you for pointing that out.

  3. I read this rimshot yesterday and came back to it again today. How did our ‘great experiment’ in civilization degrade from ‘freedom with responsibility’ to ‘I can do whatever the *bleep* I want’?

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