Abominations Now And Forever?

Jeremy Pierce has been discussing the arguments surrounding homosexual marriage which morphed into legislating morality and now have morphed into arguments concerning the nature and longetivity of abominations, since homosexuality is so biblically described. I got into the middle of this and we are having an ongoing debate on the matter. If those themes interest you, check it out.

Note: This is my 200th posting on this blog. I did not plan or even notice which post crossed that milestone until after it had occured.

Update: Jeremy reminded me that the post on legislating morality is not his, but the anonymous Wink. For info on Wink at Parableman see this post on Wink.

4 thoughts on “Abominations Now And Forever?

  1. The legislating morality post is Wink’s, not mine. The way you state it makes it sound as if I wrote all the posts you linked to.

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  3. Congratulations on your 200th post. I passed that milestone last week, myself.

    Blog debates are so healthy and enriching!!!!

  4. Milestones are important, since they give us ways to remember the significance of what we are doing. For me, consistency over time is something I aspire to and reaching two hundred postings is a significant achievement. I pray I can sustain this effort indefinately, but I that will take a lot of grace, ongoing daily grace. Hmm… This is turning into an idea for a posting.

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