Are You Insane?

There is a webpage which purports to tell you whether or not you are insane by how you react to just looking at and listening the content.

Click here to take the Insanity Test. For this test to work you must first:

1. Turn on your computer speakers, turn up the volume and allow the page to fully load.
2. Stare at the picture without laughing for a full 60 seconds.
Note: If you start laughing then consider yourself legally insane.

I didn’t last 10 seconds. I would love to meet a person who can last the full 60 seconds. If we accept the author’s premise, then I guess most of us are legally and hopelessly insane.

Grace and peace and a smile for your day. 😉

Update: You will need Macromedia Flash. It will tell you if you don’t have it.

2 thoughts on “Are You Insane?

  1. I couldn’t last!!!! Had to turn my head away and turn off the sound!!!! Hey – this is a good way to get prisoners to confess!!!

  2. Now that’s a thought. I did find that going back to the page while continuously eating tapioca pudding allowed me to make it through. I needed the large 22 oz. size though.

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