Red Sox Heaven

Red Sox 3 St. Louis 0. Rex Sox win series 4-0.
Congratulations to the 2004 World Series winning Red Sox.

Red Sox logoThank you Curt Shilling for your sterling Christian witness.

Thank you Boston for winning eight post season games in a row while never trailing during the series and giving us one of the greatest runs in sports history.

Congratulations Manny Ramirez for winning the Series MVP. To think they wanted to trade you for Alex Rodriguez. Hitting in 17 straight games is no mean feat.

Sleep well Bill Buckner for you are no longer the Boston goat.

Congratulations to the Red Sox fans, both near and far, who have suffered since 1918, waiting for their chance to win the crown.

Kudos to Nike for their wonderful and moving commercial depicting the journey of one family through those 86 years of Boston frustration, yet hope.

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