It’s Over, Praise God

Resolution, one of the great words and actions in life. We have resolution. Now we can get on with the business of living and dealing with the problems that face us.

Dear Lord. Thank you for your sustaining grace. Give John Kerry grace and peace in the days ahead and may the radical change that Mike Barnacle says he has seen in Mr. Kerry over the last two weeks be sustained and brought to fruition. Give President Bush the wisdom and insight necessary to choose wisely the steps he needs to take in the coming days and on into the future. Give all of us the aid we need to see our way forward as we respond to what has and will occur. Strengthen in us all that is good. Cleanse from us all that is not, and by your grace grant us healing in our land.


Update: Mike Barnacle – Longtime friend of John Kerry, former Boston Globe columnist and now MSNBC pundant.