Lion With Otter Tendencies

After taking the personality inventory for the personality types Lion and Otter as personality type influencesbased on Gary Smalley’s writings, it appears I am a lion with strong otter tendencies. I guess I am regal yet fun loving, won’t be building damns any time soon, and am able to resist the urge to fetch and wag my tail. My respective scores were lion 32 and otter 28. Beaver was only 14 while golden retriever lagged behind at 8. With those results in mind, I should look to the apostles Paul and Peter to gauge my personal strengths and weaknesses.

Considering my love for C. S. Lewis’ Narnia series and my growing expectation for the upcoming movie, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I wonder what being a lion cum otter tells me about myself?

Hat tip to Proverbial Wife who is a beaver. What are you?

5 thoughts on “Lion With Otter Tendencies

  1. Thanks for linking me! My husband is the reverse of you–an otter with lion undertones (I have golden retriever undertones but I’m thinking they’ve morphed into lioness ones since I got married!). Well, at least he and I are both water animals…and this explains why the bathroom is so wet after he showers! 😉

  2. The original personality tests were, of course, based on the stars. I am a Virgo, with Sagittarius rising. All gimmicks of Christian publishing aside, the oldest method is still the best.


  3. Somebody asked you when, where, and what time you were born (only if you were a king, of course). Based on that, where the sun was, where the moon was, and where the horizon was (in reference to the stars) were all computed to give intellect, emotional predisposition and looks. Then the intersection points of the orbits of the sun and moon above the earth (north node) was calculated to determine highest expectations and fateful events. And its opposite point was calculated (south node) to judge downfall, temptations, sufferings, and dangers.

    Lesser lights such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were calculated to determine which of these lights gave the most light at the moment of birth and which gave the least. Based on these judgements, temper, passion, artistry, scholarship, marriage, number of children, event of death, succession to the throne, were judged. Also other aspects of temperament.

    Based on these calculations, of course, the three Wise Men who found the Lord Jesus calculated that He was from heaven, a messenger of God, an earthly king, and that he would die young (hence the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, and the reason they mistakenly sought him at the palace of Herod). And based on the same calculations, Thrassilus (sp?) the court astrologer to Tiberius Caesar, foretold that a great king would arise from Judah, more powerful than Rome had yet seen. He urged Caeser to go live in Judea for two years and make a triumphant return to Rome. Tiberius thought he was way off base on that one and declined.

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