Faults And Fault Lines

Do we just have faults, or do we also have fault lines in our lives? Faults can be corrected, but are faultlines like Paul’s thorn, something we are stuck with throughout our entire lives, a brokenness riven to our very core, ever reminding us of our weakness and dependence on the saving grace of Jesus Christ?

While I believe that God is beyond any problem, being able to heal anything, solve anything, fix anything, what about our fault lines? Are they healable or are they part of our essential falleness, something we will have to carry with us and struggle against until we pass through the final cleansing fire of redemption (1 Cor. 3:13-15)?

No, nothing horribly evil or bad, just a persistent fundamental flaw, a fault line that cuts across the lanscape of my life, sometimes discouraging, but always remindful of who God is and who I am and am not, yet who I still hope to be.

Grace and peace as you go about your day.

Note: the Knowing God study will be up this evening. I am conducting training today.

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