Poem: Missing You

I once thought of trying to write for Hallmark. You know, the verses on the inside of the cards you buy. Much of what I have written as poetry over the years has been informal and in direct response to a need at hand, such as a bereavement card, the card we put on a wedding present, or in letters or emails to friends and family. I wrote this one for my wife when I was away on a job.

Missing You
Copyright 1995 William Meisheid

Weary eyes, guide weary hands
To write the lines that cross the lands
To send to you and you alone
A wish of love, a wish of home.

Update: A lot of people come to this posting from search engines using the phrase “missing you poem” or something similar. Welcome. You are invited to view my other poetry (click here) or maybe you would prefer just looking at a poem I wrote to my wife expressing the grief that I would feel if she died (click here). For whatever reason you are here, I pray that God would touch the purpose that brought you here, since it appears that there is someone you are missing in your life. May the love of Jesus Christ bring grace and peace to your day. If you are looking for someone to talk to, email me.

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  1. William, just read your rabbit joke on Rebecca’s blog – HILARIOUS! Like your little ‘hallmark’ greeting too. Sweet. Blessings!

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