My Digimind’s Eye

My sweet wife graciously got me a digital camera for Christmas (early bird present). It has been years since I have engaged in any meaningful photography, an avocation that once defined me to most people who knew me. Reasonably priced digital cameras have finally gotten good enough to consider using them for real photography (not just snapshooting) and I have begun to explore the features of my Fuji Finepix S7000 Z. It is a six megapixel consumer camera. The reason we chose it was because it also does excellent 640X480 movies, 8.5 minutes worth on the 512 meg XD memory card we have. One day, when our finances can justify it, I will get a really fine digital SLR and the appropriate lenses, but this will do nicely for a few years.

I have included a few of my first efforts below. The photographer’s eye is rusty but fortunately, with rechargeable batteries and a large hard drive, I have unlimited photographic opportunities to get it back in working order. I will have to investigate software for this blog to allow reasonable picture perusal, but for now I will just post a few at a time.

Light Shadows
Light Shadows by William Meisheid Copyright 2004

Window Shade
Window Shade by William Meisheid Copyright 2004