Christmas Eve

I went out very early this morning to get a few things at Giant, the local supermarket and then to Walmart. The shopping center parking lot was already filled when I got there at 6:30. Fortunately Giant had everything I needed, but Walmart was completely out of wrapping paper. We were running out and I had one big box to still wrap and so I guess I will have to go exploring to see if anyone else still has Christmas paper. I guess that is the price of doing things at the last minute.

holly branchWhile waiting in the long line at Walmart I was whistling Christmas carols and a number of people smiled, nodding their head in my direction with a decided twinkle in their eye. What other time of the year can you whistle eight to ten songs that almost everyone recognizes? I love Christmas, warts and all. May God bless your day today, giving you the grace and peace you need to deal with crush of people out doing last minute shopping.

And the heavens were filled with a host of angels singing praises to God and saying peace on earth, good will toward men. Praise be to Christ Emmanuel, the Son of God!