Quintessential Volkswagon Ad

Bore Me, a site that tracks what it calls “viral emails”, not to be confused with viruses but instead emails (usually touting some film clip or other) that spread from person to person, making their subject momentarily famous or popular, has a spoof on a VW Polo commercial that demonstrates why terrorist car bombers should never use the Polo. I must confess that gave me quite a chuckle. [If the link no longer works, see below.]

No one seems to know who did the fake ad, but both Volkswagon and its ad agency deny any knowledge of the clip. As of now, no one has taken credit for the ad and there is nothing in the clip itself to show who made it.

Note: Not for people who think terrorist car bombers should succeed… 🙁

Uptdate (1-28): Michelle Malkin reports that VW has decided to sue the makers of the ad, should they find them.

Company spokesman Hartwig von Sass said VW lodged a criminal complaint with prosecutors in Brunswick, Germany, but did not specify a perpetrator. “This is an attack on Volkswagen’s good name,” he said of the ad, which he called cynical and criminal…

Update (2-1): The ad is believed to be the work of a duo who regularly make spoof ads, known as Lee and Dan. They also make real commercials and actually submitted this ad to VW’s ad agency on spec. (From Guardian Unlimited)

Additional thoughts (2-11): One wonders if an Islamic homicide/suicide bomber whose bomb only succeeds in depositing his parts on the inside of a VW Polo still gets his 70 virgins and a free ride to paradise? Do you have to actually succeed, or is it the thought that counts?

Access the commercial here: If you cannot find the commercial on Bore Me, get it here.