Gaia Resurgence

In the aftermath of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, references and explanations related to Gaia (Greek goddess of the earth) have gained force and put the unlying heroine of the unsuccessful sci-fi movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within back into the social discourse.

Michelle Malkin points out a letter to the editor on the subject, published in the Rocky Mountain News, as an example of stupidity, while I see it as ever-present paganism reasserting itself. Hey, letters to the editor don’t make it into print unless the editor wants them to. There is an agenda behind every one. Here is the text:

‘A bad case of fleas’
The act of war deliberately and thoughtlessly wounds, poisons and handicaps the life-sustaining womb of all mankind. The Earth reacts, as any living thing would, when attacked. Earthquake, tsunami, flood, tornado, hurricane, mudslide, and resulting loss of life may be the natural emotional response.

We must behave responsibly and live peacefully or we may all be “shaken” off like a bad case of fleas.

Millie Mitchell
Fort Collins

Well Millie, there are times to shake things off, as Jesus suggested to his disciples when their message was rejected. Methinks this too is the time to shake things off, such as this whole Gaia nonsense.