Lent: Day Seven

Sometimes our preventative measures work and sometimes they don’t. I have come down with something that seems to have settled in my upper chest. I am running a small fever (99.6) and have those flu-like symptoms we hear about. So, I am still taking my vitamin C, Echinacea, and extra fluids. Tonight I added some active culture yogurt to help get my system back in balance. Keith, I am not sure if this is what you had but I don’t see how I could have gotten it from a phone call…;-)

The problem with being sick is that my brain tends to shut down. I used to see that as a blessing because the only time I had any real peace and quiet inside my head was during my infrequent illnesses. As a result, I treasured those rare chances to quiet my overactive brain. The problem with getting sick now is that I have so many things to get done and they are all intellectually oriented; they require me to think and think at a relatively high level. Drat, drat, and double drat.

God knows best and since I am a firm believer in active Providence, I need to look for the silver lining in this infirmary of a cloud. One thing I can do is solicit your prayers for my speedy recovery and that God will use this semi-down time to teach me something he couldn’t do otherwise.

Well have at it Lord. I am all ears.

Grace and peace to each of you and please, remember me in your prayers.