Lent: Day Seventeen

It has finally begun to snow in earnest. The forecast had it arriving this morning, but it wasn’t until around noon that the mist turned to real flakes dancing in the wind. Now it is a hoard of flakes filling all the available spaces in the afternoon air.

It started to stick on the roads as well as the grass as I made my way home from an errand. With the temperature hovering just above freezing, it has taken a while for the storm to assert itself. However, tomorrow is supposed to be partly sunny and in the upper 30’s, so the roads should quickly clear making this a pretty coating but a minimal disturbance, even if we get the six or seven inches.

I was thinking how our sanctification is a lot like the passage of winter into spring. Early on, the storms of sin buffet us and sometimes bury us under heavy drifts. However, we dig ourselves out, clearing a path (repentance) to righteousness and begin our journey again. As we mature in our faith we learn to deal with the storms and as our sanctification takes hold, even if a storm dumps a load of sin on us, it is only like the failing storm that hit us today. With above freezing temperatures (overall life progressing toward Christ) the flakes have a harder time sticking (we are better able to resist the sin) and even when it finally asserts itself and begins covering everything in sight (we succumb to sin), it can’t resist the warmer temperatures (our committed life of repentance) and the sun that clears the roads and parking places (Jesus Christ working his grace within us) in short order. Spring is coming (the triumph of the new man) and winter has lost its foothold, left only to bluster against temporary beachheads (sin committed but then confessed); here today, gone tomorrow.

To God be glory for the things he has done.

Grace and peace.