Interview Questions: Updated

These are the interview questions for my expansion of the Interview Game. I believe that you learn about two people in an interview, not just one. You can also learn something about me from my questions.

About me, about you

Note: I will add people as they sign up, so no one has to wait to participate. When a person answers their questions I will put an [answered] link to that posting opposite their name and website. If you want to be interviewed (I will do up to five), click here and leave me a comment. Thanks and enjoy.

New set of questions for cwv warrior of Christianity Is Jewish [answered]

cwv warrior prefers for the time being to use a pseudonym and keep the personal information private, I believe you can get a reasonable picture of her (have to tell you at least that much) through her answers to the following questions.

1. You have a relatively new blog (less than two months old); tell us why you started blogging and what your goals are.
2. Your choice of blog title, “Christianity Is Jewish” is provocative. Can you explain why you chose that title?
3. I see you are a fan of Randy Alcorn. I remember when he was a struggling writer, under financial attack for his pro-life stance as a pastor. He is now a prolific and successful author. What is it you like about his writing?
4. You talk about how important the Bible (Scripture) is to you and how it affects how you live your life. How did you come to this commitment?
5. If you could spend the morning, starting with breakfast, with one other blogger (anyone in the blogosphere), who would it be and why, and what would you have to eat?

See also the bonus question below, if it interests you.

For Brant of Sarcasmagorical [answered]

1. You say you smoke a pipe and that “It encourages nearly every good habit I have.” Interesting. What does your wife think about it?
2. Why do you write poetry?
3. Who was most influential in shepherding you to salvation?
4. You say you are a sappy romantic, but your wife loves you for it. That’s great, now tell me one thing that you are willing to admit that your wife does not not like and why.
5. If you could spend dinner and an evening talking with one person, anyone alive today, who would it be and what would you have to eat?

Bonus Question for everyone (prize: the world’s best cheesburger sub the next time you are in Baltimore and look me up): If you are married, what has been your greatest adjustment since becoming “one flesh” with another human being? If not, what is your greatest concern?

Thanks to Rebecca of Rebecca Writes for including me in this marvelous little exercise at community building.

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  1. Sorry it took me so long to answer these, but they were really good questions. I put the post up last night – click my name for the link.

    Thanks for interviewing me, I really enjoyed it.

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