Love And Death

Sometimes, while reading something I get inspired and if I seize the moment a poem appears, for the well touched by an a sudden insight can run deep and long and should not be untested. I was looking at the search words used to get to this site and a person had entered poem bereavement “missing you”. It took them to a poem I had written to my wife about missing her while away and from that well came this image of how I would grieve at her passing.

Love and Death
©2005 William Meisheid

Weary eyes from flushing out
The pain of death
The pain of doubt

Weary hands from putting aside
Memories of you
What will abide?

I scream and rant and rail away
Draining my heart
Passing the day

Alone I touch the empty place
Where once you laid
Touching my face

Please O God who holds all things dear
Keep my love safe
Banish the fear

It is not the end I say with hope
I trust in him
In him I cope

Remember me as I remember you
Through love and death
My heart is true