A Good Friday Prayer For Terri Schiavo

Dear Lord, on this day when you sacrificed your life on the cross of Calvary, remember your humble servant Terri Shiavo. Lord, we place her in your loving arms, as Nicodemus placed you in the loving arms of your mother. If no intercessor can be found to stand in the gap for her, O Lord, grant her swift and serene passage into your kingdom. Forgive her, O Lord, any trespasses she may have committed and may she be found to be your good and faithful servant, now and forever.

Whatever your will, O Lord, be merciful and swift and grant to those who remain a meek and forgiving heart. For vengeance is yours, O Lord, not ours. Have mercy on all those who have facilitated and been complicit in this murder of your sweet child, Terri. And, by your grace, may her coming execution, if it comes to pass, be a means to accomplish your will in all our lives and the life of this nation. Amen.