Michael Shiavo, Please Never Cross My Path

For if you do, I will punch you straight away in the face. Yes, it will probably get me arrested. Yes, it will open me up to a law suit. Yes, I will still do it, for nothing has made me as angry as this situation that you have forced upon all of us by your selfish decision to rid yourself of your wife, not through divorce, which would have placed her in the loving care of her family, but through murder.

Yes, murder. You are the agent of her unnatural death, and despite your fetid assurances, a most horrible and excruciating death it is.

Yes, it is unnatural because starvation and water deprevation have to be inflicted on someone. You are worthy of so much more than a punch in the face, but vengeance is the Lord’s and you will have to live for the rest of your life within the shadow of God’s judgment. What goes around, comes around Micheal.

Yes, forgiveness is available, but forgiveness requires repentence and for public sin, public repentence. I will not hold my breath. Yes, I will forgive you, but only after I have punched your face. You see I consider that a minimal act to do to a murderer, the essence of restraint.

So Michael, please never ever cross my path. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

Update 3/29/05: I guess my real question to Michael after the tube (extraordinary measure) was removed, you did not allow efforts to give Terri food and water by mouth. While it may be argued that taking out the feeding tube is not immoral or illegal (though I disagree with the immoral part), denying her any food and water by normal means is both immoral and illegal, at least as I understand it. To me this is no different than when the ventilator is removed and the person breathes on their own, we don’t smother them. Denying food through normal means is the same as smothering them.

There has been testimony that she can swallow (jello and other things) so why hasn’t this been court mandated? If she can only tolerate very small amounts, she would eventually die due to severe malnutrition, but naturally and and withou prejudice, removing all the acrimony.

This decision to not to attempt to feed her at all boggles the mind and to me proves that this is murder, plain and simple. You might as well take a pillow and smother her.

Update 4/8/05: As time passes, even my restrained anger at Michael Shiavo is lessened, instead being replaced by a stronger concern for his soul and his place in this whole spectacle. Since so many people still come to this posting, I needed to add this update. I believe that God has used this tragedy to create a national debate and no matter which position you take in the myriad of possible approaches that could have been taken, at least the concerns are out in the open. We should all remember that Terri is not the first person this has happened to, nor has she been the last, but she is the one God used to bring the issue out into the open.

18 thoughts on “Michael Shiavo, Please Never Cross My Path

  1. I believe I also might well be tempted to punch the man square in the face were I to ever come across him.

    I would hope I would control myself, but I sure could not promise that I would not smack him.

  2. I am not a right to lifer nor a very religious person as the media has indicated all who want terrri to live are. I have tried to hear and read all I could about this horrible case and the more I do the more I think michael shiavo is a creep with some monetary gain out of this and his lawyer felos a death loving ghoul. I want to asure you that many middle of the roaders are appalled that the courts are letting terri die and that so many people even those that say they are religious are contented to let this happen. Even Shiavo’s wife/girlie friend is a smug looking woman. She had better look out for herself but I thing she’s probably too dumb. Although I am not a Republican I was happy that the Bush’s did try to do something and was almost a supporter and then they both wimped out incredibly so now I have nowhere to go poitically. I am sure there are thousands that feel the same way I do. At least I hope there are!

  3. You are so right! Thank you for your commentary. She died just 4 minutes ago- it sent chills down my spine. This was so wrong. Micheal Shiavo has the audacity to blame to government for intruding on his private life. You seem to know more about the legalities than I- I just wanted to make this point and ask you this: He has another partner- wife- and children. Isn’t that legally adultery? Couldn’t TERRI HAVE BEEN GRANTED A “DIVORCE” which would have NOt made him the legal guardian- and she could have been taken over either by the state or her own family. How can the legal system allow this? I worry about our world. This was a crime. Please don’t stop your commentary- keep it coming—we all need to hear it! It is a sad day today- indeed. Thanks again.

  4. I made out a Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney on Tuesday, had it notarized and delivered copies to everyone who needs them including my family doctor. I am a healthy 41 year old woman. this is something every one should not just consider doing, but do, and do now!

    God forbid any of the rest of us should find ourselves in Terri’s shoes.

  5. For the past two weeks I have listened, read and done alot of research on Terri Schiavo. I am very upset that today she passed and disgusted with her dispicable husband. There were too many things in dispute and alot of hear say and why they could not wait until all these things that were hear say and in dispute before pulling the tube is horrendous. Michael Schiavo wanted his wife dead. It disgusts me. Her husband could not wait until she passed and he will now get his. He is a murderer, an adulterous, demented, dispicable, disgusting, heartless and evil. Terri Schiavo is at peace now and in a better place…that I know. And as for Michael Schiavo, hell has just begun for you.

    May God give Terri’s family strength.

    And Michael Schiavo, you are disgusting and I pity your soul, that is if you even have one.

  6. Michael Shiavo is a MURDERER. And now he is going to bury her in an unmarked grave, where her family will not be able to visit her. I fear for his children. To be raised by a MURDERER. I hope to God that his girlfriend/wife will see him for what he is before it’s too late.

  7. Well said, this guy is the devil himself. God bless Terri, I feel just absolutely awful about this. Peace of Christ be with you, Terri and her family.

    Oh, if you see Felos,, punch him too. He’s a snake.

  8. I’d like to punch YOU square in the face if I ever meet you. You’re an imbecilic tool. People like you are what’s wrong with the world. You live in a nation that kills others to acquire oil and power, that commits aggressive acts towards others and bombs cities to rubble to acheive acquiecence much like the Nazi regime or other facist regimes. Your government lies to you, people die, and you sit and worry about a woman whose brain is rotted, whose essance is long gone and cannot be reacquired through cloning. You’re a moron and a waste of space upon this Earth.

  9. To Michael (old scratch, satan, devil, fiend, the beast, demon, wrongdoer, evilone) shiavo.

    You are the most evil, most wicked, of all creatures on earth, along with your ambulance chasing lawyer and your pocket picking judge.
    Justice wil prevail and you will have no peace on earth.
    Everyone in the world hates you and yours, just don’t forget that.
    If I were your new wife I would sleep with my eyes open or in a different house.
    You actually got away with the murder of a poor innocent girl, you evil, depraved, heinous, wicked, malevolence.
    May your friend the real devil your buddy satan, be at your door step every day for the rest of your worthless life.

    Poor Sweet Terri, Rest In Peace Little Angel Well All Love You.
    And condolences to Terri’s Family may you find peace, knowing that Terri is at God’s side safe from her evil husband.

  10. Dick, you are welcome to try. I am neither an imbecile or a tool. While not a genius I did graduate from college with a 4.0 and if I have a failing it is that almost no one can tell me what to do, so being a tool (except of God) is not an option.

    All governments lie because governments are made up of people and people are sinners and as such lie. However, your anger and ranting, apparently in favor of the butcher of Bagdhad makes no sense.

    Hmmm… so cloning is the answer for you, or is it your hope for the future, since you obviously have rejected the One in whom you live and move and have your being. There is still hope. You can still repent.

  11. Hey Debbie, do you really want to be so harsh? I just said I would bloody his nose and then take my medicine. We have to be careful about forgetting to always call to repentence and pray for a change of heart. Everyone without Christ has a worthless life, not just Michael. He may become like the two women who were the defendants in the Supreme Court abortion cases in 1973 and are now Christians and have repented of their participation.

    While there is life there is hope. Even for Dick, as well as Michael.

  12. Even if you think removing her feeding tube was ok, What is really bothering me is what he did after. If he really cared about Terri and wanted her wishes, he would have left the room when she was dying and given her remains to her family. Im sure she would much rather die near her family than her cheating husband and his brother. He has nothing to gain by that but for spite. The family has more restraint than I do.

  13. You said it exactly the way I feel! It still amazes me that it even took place in America. I have been so confused why the Judge allowed Michael to murder her, with all of the new evidence that was pressented. But you are so right what goes around comes around.

  14. If I was Terry I would wish to be let go right away, after the tests showing brain damage. Then I would want my loving husband to go to prison for murdering me.
    And for dick, at least we have balls!

  15. Listen to the comments this site has, yall sound worse than David Koresh. Hell, brimstone and damnation. Which one of you folks has conclusive evidence that Terri’s husband had a hand in her collapse? Do any of you folks know for certain that she wanted kept alive in this state???????? I am afraid to even send this e mail that questions the facts, you folks will have me deemed a hell bound sinner without any evidence. Which one of you will call down hell upon me?

  16. Alice, thank you for being willing to express your opinion. I am not sure what David Koresh has to do with strong opinions about Michael Shiavo’s actions, which in some ways is a cheap shot.

    Hell, brimstone, and damnation are real, but you may have noticed I did not consign Michael to any such thing, only warning that for him, like us all, judgment awaits for all of our actions. I believe that judgment is real, but I do not support anyone “consigning” anyone else to hell. They do not have that right and risk God’s judgment for doing so.

    As to what Terri wanted. There is not one single shred of evidence for almost ten years that Michael ever expressed a knowledge of Terri’s wants in this situation.

    As to Terri’s desires, we can never know but suicide is not an option for any of us, either slow or quick. In the end Michael wanted to be free, which he could have been by divorcing her and giving custody over to her parents.

    As to you and your spiritual state– I do not know your heart and none of your actions speak to such a fate. That is between you and God. Only you can call down hell on yourself and we can only warn you of its possibility where appropriate.

    Grace and peace and the love of Christ be with now and always.

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