A True Man

Vox Day has asked his readers what do they think makes up a true man. After giving it some thought, here was my contribution.

You are a man when you can be a true son to your father and a true father to your son, and a friend to those who need one, none of which is dependant on their actually being there, for being a man is in the heart of him who acts right and true in all things.

This blog gets a different sort of readership than Vox, his being an outspoken libertarian’s viewpoint that sometimes uses fairly rough language. He is a Christian, but hardly a housebroken one. So, since a different sort of reader casts their eyes upon my little screeds, what say you? What is the measure of a man?

1 thought on “A True Man

  1. A true man is one whose heart is soft and fixed on the Lord, who loves God so overwhelmingly that it spills out of him like an overflowing cup, splashing on all those with whom he has contact, and who stands firm and leads those who need his strength and direction.

    Best I can do off the top of my head.

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