In Need We Are, Yes Indeed

All of us have times of need, times that are a bit overwhelming. Some are physical or health related. Some are emotionally or socially significant. Many are spiritual, and then some are work related.

That is me today through Monday morning. I have to finish an index on a 950 page book. Normally this would take about 10-14 working days. I will have had 8 calendar days. I have also lost work to a couple of corrupted files when Mr. Murphy visited me yesterday. My desired to do a good job boils down to very little sleep between now and Monday, so I ask for your prayers. Pray for effective work habits, miraculously sufficient rest, and ongoing wisdom over every decision that needs to be made.

My life seems to follow this ongong pattern of periods of calm punctuated by overwhelming demands. In some ways it is the nature of being an independent contractor, but part of it is that I allow myself to accept the demands of this type of work because I work best under pressure and with tight deadlines, so I have chosen to work in a way that uses my strengths. However, this type of life is very tiring, needing periods of recovery, and as I get older (ha!) it is more difficult to meet the physical demands that this approach places on my mind and body, and the recovery periods get longer and longer. I can see the end of the road for doing this kind of thing, but, alas, it is not quite yet.

So, with that in mind please pray for me this weekend, especially Sunday night and early Monday morning. I covet your incense before the Throne of Grace. Thank you.

Pox vobiscum.