Rest, A Gift Beyond Compare

Thank you to all those who prayed for me while I was working (and generally not sleeping) to get this last large index out the door (950+ page book). I just successfully emailed the project to the book packager after being up since 6 a.m. yesterday and not getting more than five hours sleep a night for the last week. I did catch an afternoon catnap here and there as the brain dictated. I can deal with the body’s rebellion, but when I find myself staring at the screen for 30 seconds or so and then saying to myself, “What was I going to do?” it is time for a break.

The strangest thing about going to sleep when you have been up like this is the dreams; they are so much more vivid (and strange) than usual. Saturday I took a short nap in the afternoon and for some time I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming about sleeping, sleeping, awake, or dreaming about being awake. I never did figure out which was which. That could be dangerous in the wrong circumstances. And they say hallucinogenic drugs are weird. We shall see what the rest of the day has for our dream palette; something dramatic no doubt.

Grace and peace to your day and may God go with my dreams.