Potty Training Poetry

I stumbled across a potty training discourse (thank you, I think, Rebecca) and discovered they even have potty training poetry. That inspired me, sorta.

Emancipation Proclamation
©2005 William Meisheid

Potty, potty
my little child.
Away from me
have you guiled
yourself into freedom.

Have a good day in Christ Jesus our Lord and remember all the little steps to self reliance and freedom that you have taken in the ongoing journey of life.

3 thoughts on “Potty Training Poetry

  1. I had considered (and may still do) a further posting on Christians need for spiritual potty training, but it got shelved so I could finish the Knowing God post for this week.

    Hey, I like the little poem that came out of your indirect inspiration Rebecca and no, I do not believe you are typecast as Doug suggested. At least not yet. Thanks for having the courage to point us to that cross-reference about yourself.

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