Sheep And Wool

Every year one of my wife’s favorite outings is to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Since it is always on the first weekend in May it coincides with Mother’s Day weekend. This year my daughter and I made it an family outing to celebrate that along with my wife’s interest in weaving and other fiber arts. My wife’s best friend, Carol, joined in to make it a unique day for my special lady.
Anna Marie, Sarah, and Carol at Sheep and Wool
      Anna Marie, Sarah, and Carol at Sheep and Wool

Being a sheep and wool festival, sheep are everywhere and nothing says contentment more than the look on the face of the sheep standing in line with their owners, waiting to be judged. Something about loving human contact that breeds this sense of hhmmmmm… in both sheep and people.
Contented sheep in judging line

My daughter loves animals and we have grown accustomed to hearing, “Ohhh, I want one…” from her. She cannot control herself and she said the same thing about this lamb. When she was growing up she would bring home anything she found and could carry or coax to follow her.
Ohhh, I want one...
              Sarah and a lamb she wanted to take home…

I had been searching for a whisk broom for some time (unsuccessfully). It seems stores don’t carry them any more. Well I seized the opportunity when I saw the plethora of brooms available at one of the booths. Now the only problem was, which one?
Which one? That is the question...
                          Too many choices…

For my last picture, for all of you that remember the movie Babe, how can you resist the imploring eyes of this sheep. For some reason she brought that movie to mind. However, she did not respond to the control phrase, “b…” Oops. That is not supposed to be for public dissemination.
Would you just look at those eyes...

The definition of an imploring, yet enigmatic look..

It was an enjoyable outing with the wife and daughter and a fine way to celebrate Mother’s Day, even if it was a day early.

4 thoughts on “Sheep And Wool

  1. This is lovely! I especially like the picture of the brooms… wallflowers, waiting for someone to ask them to dance.

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