Dumpster Diving The Numbers

I periodically examine my site information and one statistic that has always interested me is whether someone visiting is a returnee or brand new to my site. Up until the end of April the traffic to my site was primarily new visitors, but now in May the average number of returnees outnumbers the new visitors for the first time. That means I am getting traction and more people are returning for another look. Part of that is related to the Knowing God Study which has been attracting a growing number of regular study partners. Sadly no one comments but a lot of people read the postings.

Why did I post this information? Well to thank all of you returning readers, that’s why and to let you know you are in good company… 😉

6 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving The Numbers

  1. Sorry I don’t comment more. I love your blog. Unfortunately I fell down on the job with ‘Knowing God’, but am slowly returning to it. Got interrupted when we moved back home – was in another state for a couple of years. Now, after getting the old home place back into shape, I can concentrate on other things. Do keep it up – you are DEFINITELY NOT alone.

  2. Well, that’s interesting! I haven’t jumped into statistics yet but i do know how frustrating it is to have no one say anything. Neither have I gotten into your study…not that I wouldn’t want to if I weren’t doing a “few” other things. Prayer and study groups are when I get to interact face to face with friends. Still, I wonder where my weblog will be months from now…you do get a lot of visitors!!! I’ll try to be faithful…the blogosphere is a big place!

  3. Even if it is one line a comment will always go a long way to show our appreciation. One day when I googled my name I found a link to your website and when I read a prayer request on my behalf it touched me deeply for your love for an unknown brother in Christ. I thank you for your prayers and love your blog.

  4. I am here somewhat frequently, just a quiet visitor. I think I should read your ‘Knowing God’ series…I feel as if He has completely abandoned me (and I’ve repented for things I haven’t done, I miss Him so much! lol!). Maybe I need to start from scratch again!

  5. My dear Miss O’Hara, may I offer a prayer for your immediate reconnection to your Lord and Savior. Yes, the Knowing God study would be good for you, or for anyone at anytime for that matter. I get something new and important out it each time I go through it.

    But, I am concerned that you feel so disconnected from God and feel abandoned. You are not. You may be going through what St. John of the Cross called a “dark night of the soul” but even then, even if you feel like Job himself, God has not abandoned you.

    There is a way through this dry spell and it has something important to teach you or it wouldn’t be happening. You may be interested in a book I have just finished, MegaShift. It may give you a new perspective.

    But most of all, be patient with persistence. Grace and peace and the presence of God be with you.

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