Do You Know Your U.S. States?

I stumbled across this little game where you are challenged to place the various states onto a blank map of the United States. See if you can match my perfect score. It took me two efforts since I accidently dropped one state 600 miles off the first go around.

United States individual state placement game

4 thoughts on “Do You Know Your U.S. States?

  1. Dag, first time I only got 86%, but my average error was only 23 miles. That’s a little nitpicky. 🙂

    Then 90% with 10 mile average error. But come on, who can put Nebraska in the middle with no reference points.


  2. Wow, I’m impressed. I only got 86%. Those New England states throw me off every time. I think a lot has to do with the order in which they are given … it’s hard to put in Connecticut without any reference points.

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