Resurrecting Past Efforts

Years ago I designed a series of greeting cards around two characters: Friar Tuck and Sister Serendipity. The original drawings, done by a friend who is now a priest in the CEC, are now stored away and I have forgotten where they are, but today I was reminded about them while reading an article by another creator of greeting cards, Paula at Listen In.

Friar Tuck dealing with colored laundry. Copyright 1998 William MeisheidWith my memory stirred up by Paula’s article, I was able to find a small version of a scan I had made of one of the drawings. I must say this has gotten me interested in the characters again. There is also a donkey, whose name escapes me at the moment but they are all supposed to be from Sherwood Monastery (and nunnery) and the cards were designed to be humorous and centered on their daily adventures. This one was captioned “Some days we all need a little help with the wash. How can I help you today?”

Maybe after I finish Moses I can resurrect Friar Tuck, Sister Serendipity, and the others and see what I can do with them. So many wonderful things and so little time…