Spam, Comments, And Loss

I get a tremendous amount of spam, almost all of it now is in the trackback section. However, every once in a while in dealing with this trackback spam mistakes occur. One such problem just occured and the last ten or so valid comments accidently got deleted. I sincerely apologize since I value each and every interaction from my readers. If people take the time to write a response to something I have said, that is important to me. These comments cannot be recovered, sorry. So if your comment is missing forgive me. God remembers, even if my blog doesn’t.

Grace and peace to your day.

2 thoughts on “Spam, Comments, And Loss

  1. Yes, I guess I did it because of all these Irish people who are clogging up my comments with all their blarney. Pretty blarney, but blarney just the same. By the way, I am one quarter Irish. 😉

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