Yes, I Noticed

I had a rare occurance last night. Someone came to my blog from a link at Think Christian discussing my Defined By What We Do posting. They stayed for almost three hours and read forty-six other postings on the site. They even downloaded at least one.

I have mentioned several times that people who come to a new blog rarely read old postings and one of the great untapped treasures of blogdom is some of the good writing that has become hidden by the passage of time under surface of every site out there. However, in the last few weeks I have had several new readers come to this site, stay a while and read more than one or two of my old postings. Not quite as many as that new reader from Australia who visited last night, but I want you to know that I appreciate everyone who takes the extra time to explore my storage locker. I hope you find something there that is useful for your spiritual journey and don’t be afraid to drop me a note and let me know what you found interesting.

May the grace and peace of God be with you today.