For The Purpose-Driven

If you are a fan of the Rick Warren and the various Purpose-Driven approaches to living out your faith personally, as a church, or in any of the other proliferations that this movement has incarnated into, then I would humbly suggest that you read The Purpose Driven Journal. It is a blog written by Scott C. Mooney, an intelligent and thoughtful Christian, in which he takes to heart the suggestion on page 306 of The Purpose-Driven Life to keep a journal of his experiences and pass it on to others.

Scott said he decided to do this because “1) an adult study group was formed in my church to read through this book, 2) my daughter’s young adult Sunday School class is working through this book, 3) my 13-year-old son’s 7th grade Christian School class is studying through this book, 4) internationally known Christian leaders and thinkers (for the time being to remain anonymous) are responding to this book with enthusiasm.” As a result, Scott wanted to be properly Berean and a responsible parent and determine if this material was a biblically valid approach to living out one’s Christian life. He has found the material severely wanting.

If you embrace and are supportive of the purpose-driven approach, then it is critical that you hear the other side from someone who has gone through the process. I believe it is important to read thoughtful and honest critiques of new movements in the Church that one supports.

I have found Scott’s writing and insights valuable to my discernment process and I feel he performs an essential function in placing this phenomenon in proper context. I cannot recommend highly enough the reading of his journal. Please avail yourself of his dedicated and prayerful efforts. May God bless Scott and those who read him with wisdom and discernment.