Hubble Tuesdays: When Galaxies Collide

Despite the immensity of the universe, galaxies still collide or nearly collide with each other. When their sizes are disparate, as they approach, the larger one, due to its tremendous gravitational forces and larger mass will begin to distort the smaller, exerting immense tidal forces on its edges. In this image, the large galaxy on the left has begun to affect the smaller one as it passes in near collision. Notice the stars and long stream of gases and dust stretching to the right for over a hundred thousand light-years.

Two galaxies passing by each other with obvious effects

Like a galaxy passing close by, God merely being in the neighborhood effects everything and the ripples of his presence exert immense tidal forces on everyone in the vicinity. When Christians, alive with the presence of God in their lives and in their midst, go out into the world around them to do the work of the gospel, they are like that immense spiral galaxy, affecting everyone around them.

And when they could not find them [Paul and Silas], they dragged Jason and some of the brothers before the city authorities, shouting, “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also…” Acts 17:6

We should always remember that it is God, now we ourselves, who gives us the “weight” and gravitas that affects all those around us, like that large spiral galaxy affecting all that it passes by. Remember, we are meant to affects things in the world. Whether we put our light under a bushel or make our voices mute, God by his presence in our lives and in our midst will still affect those around us. So instead, let us join with him and meet the call to be the light of Christ to the lost, the joy of Christ to the hurting, the peace of Christ to those in turmoil, and to affect in every good way possible all those who come within our tidal forces.

To God be glory for the wondrous things he has done. The full selection of images can be found here.