Theological Thursdays: Knowing God: The Adequacy Of God: Preview

The book Why Bad Things Happen To Good People basically postulated a limited God who could not intervene in or control everything that happened to his children. It was written from a Jewish perspective. Now in the Emmergent Church movement, leaders are arguing for something very similar. Since God cannot see the future, he is often just as surprised by what happens as we are and often cannot protect us from sudden unexpected events. Packer will have none of that and neither should you and in the current chapter, The Adequacy Of God, he use Paul’s Epistle to the Romans to drive the point home that God is sufficient for all our needs:, past, present, and future.

This is one of the longest chapters in the book and I normally do it over three sessions. This time however, I have decided to add in a look at how the Emmergent movement affects what Packer has to say so I need to do a bit of research and rework my materials. Since there are things going on here at home also, I am postponing the lessons on the last chapter until September 8th, the Thursday after Labor day.

Thank you for your patience. Grace and peace to your day.

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