Christian Definition Of Racism

One of the problems with highly charged pejoratives like racism is that their definitions are so hazy. This looseness is a double-edged sword. First, it makes it difficult to defend yourself when you are charged with it, since the fluidity of the usage makes effective denial a difficult target to hit. Second, it makes it easy for an attacker to tar you with the appellation, since in the end it means what they want it to mean. This is the classic definition of a no-win situation.

Well to the rescue rides Douglas Wilson, the pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho. Douglas has been embroiled in numerous charges of racism for some time, and his post on the subject is in response to a reader requesting a definition of the term. Read the whole article and then take how he biblically defines the term and then take to heart, both in how you judge yourself and how you use the term for others from this point forward.

The fruit of our lips is often the quickest way to bring shame on the Gospel, so as Christians we should always strive to be accurate and truthful in everything we say. Douglas’ article is a step in that direction for a notoriously misused label.

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