Everything You Wanted To Know About Copyrights But Were Afraid To Ask

If you write or blog and care about what happens to what you have made available there is one thing that you need to know the basics of: copyrights. I recently came across the end all and be all site for copyrights and it is named COPYRIGHT.COM. Duh! I guess that one was pretty obvious.

Well to assist those of you who would like some answers, here is the link to their Copyright FAQ. Have at it.

4 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted To Know About Copyrights But Were Afraid To Ask

  1. Thank you William; this has been on my mind, off and on for awhile. Of course, I’m such a procrastinator, it could be another while before I actually do something about it! I appreciate you sharing the info.

    Hope you and yours are doing well; I’ve been out of touch and I’m glad to be back for a visit!

  2. Thank you for running this, Bill. I would like to link to this if I may. I have known about copyright for years since I am a freelance writer. But I run into misunderstandings with friends and professionals all the time. I recently received a site from a professional in my former field of TV too that comes from the government. Will post that along with this link. Thanks again. Pg

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